Currently playing around with some stuff for a story. Superhero story, big shock.
Main character is Red Hawk, formerly the second Hawklad sidekick to White Hawk. The original Hawklad retired after injury and became the founder of the Superhero Information Network and calls himself SIN Broker. The third Hawklad, the only biological son of White Hawk, has taken up his Father's title.

Red Hawk fights crime in a 20 by 20 square block area of Orchard City known as Circus Square or just The Circus. In the early days of Orchard City, the area known as Circus Square was a circus. Now it's home to low income housing, high crime rates and gangs. Four major gangs vie for the area: The Brotherhood of Shadows, the Death Merchants, the Blood Roses and the Red Dragons. So far I know the Red Dragons dabble in magic.

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