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( Oct. 16th, 2012 10:24 am)
Hooded Terror - Mysterious woman dressed in all black, including executioners hood. Her gang all dress just like her. Assassination and robbery seem to be their main focus.

Doctor Ghoul - Scientific Genius who developed a process which turns a normal human in a super strong and nearly bulletproof mind controlled minion of his. They do whatever he orders them to, but the process lasts only a few hours. Afterwards the people subjected to the process have no memory of the past 24 hours. Mostly his Ghouls are used to steal equipment, kidnap other scientists and kill a few.

Frost - Professional Hitman who can coat himself in a thin, but super tough layer of ice. He kills his targets with icicles which melt, leaving them in a puddle of water, and is his calling card.

Queen of Diamonds - Professional thief who steals expensive jewelry and electronics. Her calling card is a queen of diamonds playing card. She dresses in a red bodysuit with a white diamond on the face of her mask.


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