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( Feb. 12th, 2012 09:50 pm)
Night Hawk
  • Long time protector of Coral City.
  • Generally gadget based hero, but has ability to teleport short distances, but only in darkness.
  • One of Night Hawk's sidekicks
  • Can generate small blasts of flames, but also learning to fight using Night Hawk's gadgets as part of his training.
  • High school student
  • Parent's do not know of her activities as Flamewind, but younger brother does.
  • Highly skilled with almost any ranged weapon
  • Hot headed
  • College student
  • Biggest problem is lack of investigative skills
Kid Hawk
  • Son of Night Hawk and been training under him the longest. 
  • Romantic tension with Flamewind
  • Shares Father's ability to teleport in darkness
  • Wants to prove worth of possibly carrying on Father's name

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( Feb. 12th, 2012 09:31 pm)
Another idea that has kind of nagged at me from time to time is a story about sidekicks. Basically Main Hero realizes he can't fight the war on crime by himself and takes on a few sidekicks to train. They'd be high school or college age people. They'd have been undergoing his mentoring for a year or two when something happens to Main Hero. He vanishes/appears to die. So sidekicks are left to take up the fight against crime in the city and figure out exactly what happened to Main Hero. They'd be seeking to earn the trust of the few honest cops that trusted Main Hero and strike fear into the hearts of the major criminals.


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