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( May. 8th, 2012 10:19 pm)
Kind of seeing the Edlritch Archer's costume as black leather with red gloves, boots and belt. His quiver would also be red. There would also be silver mystical symbols sewn into the costume. He'd probably wear a black hood and red mask. Bow would be black with silver mystical symbols.
Vaguely mulling over the mystic archer superhero. Basically he'd have a magic bow that transforms regular arrows into magic trick arrows with the utterance of a magic word. Nothing hugely original, but a different twist on the usual archer hero.

I'd need to come up with mystic sounding words for the various trick arrows:
* Acid Arrow
* Bola Arrow
* Cable/Grapple Arrow
* Electric/Stun Arrow
* Exploding Arrow
* Flare Arrow
* Net Arrow
* Smoke Arrow
* Sonic Arrow
* Tear Gas Arrow
* Flaming Arrow
* Ice Arrow

Then I need to come up with the name of the character. Leaning towards Eldritch Archer or Arrow.


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