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( Apr. 29th, 2012 09:29 pm)
So I've pretty much settled on Avalon Bay, Florida as being the home to the Midnight Avenger in the 1940s and the Amethyst Avenger in the 2000s.

*Avalon Bay* is a city founded by pirates on the Atlantic coast of Florida in the 1700s. By the time Florida become a state in 1845 Avalon Bay was a thriving port city, but crime was still rife in the city.

Mysticism has long been a part of Avalon Bay and it is rumored the Pirates the founded Avalon Bay were secretly Warlocks. In 1846 the city even had it's own set of Witch trials. The then Mayor, James Winchester, was proved to be a Warlock and hanged. After this magic became a part of the criminal underground of Avalon Bay.


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