Vaguely contemplating a few other hero types for the 1940s era stories of the Midnight Avenger:

*The Ghoul* - A man cursed with grey skin tone of a dead man after a horrible chemical accident. He seemingly can not be killed and has become a one man war on crime in Chicago.

*Doctor Sebastian Marvel* - Also known as Doc Marvel. He is the CEO of Marvelous Industries, producers of many wonderful new technologies. He is an adventurer, scientist, engineer, and businessman. He is skilled in nearly ever form of combat known to man and some known only on other worlds. He, an his team the Marvelous <How many I come up with> travel the world, fight crime, find lost civilizations and just generally make the world a better place. <He is this settings Doc Savage equivalent. Need to work up his version of Doc Savages people>

*The Nightmare* - A man clocked in mystery and darkness. He prowls the darkest parts of New York City and makes criminals greatest nightmares come true.

*Midnight Avenger* - AKA Marcus Marcone, a beat reporter in <City to be Named Later>. He dresses in a black fedora, trench coat, tie and pants. He wears a grey domino mask, shirt and shoes. He wields to normal looking .45 caliber pistols except for the amethyst gems in the pearl handle. The gems are some kind of mystical object that have been placed into the pistols and now instead of firing bullets they fire blasts of amethyst colored energy.


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