Night Hawk
  • Long time protector of Coral City.
  • Generally gadget based hero, but has ability to teleport short distances, but only in darkness.
  • One of Night Hawk's sidekicks
  • Can generate small blasts of flames, but also learning to fight using Night Hawk's gadgets as part of his training.
  • High school student
  • Parent's do not know of her activities as Flamewind, but younger brother does.
  • Highly skilled with almost any ranged weapon
  • Hot headed
  • College student
  • Biggest problem is lack of investigative skills
Kid Hawk
  • Son of Night Hawk and been training under him the longest. 
  • Romantic tension with Flamewind
  • Shares Father's ability to teleport in darkness
  • Wants to prove worth of possibly carrying on Father's name

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