Vampires are monsters.  They aren't romantic figures just needing to find the right person to save them.  They are monsters that need to be killed.  Their true origins are shaded in mystery, but current theory among the Guides is that they were created when a Demon consumed human blood and then that human drank the demons blood.  Now they require blood to survive.

There are Primary and Secondary Vampires.  Secondary Vampires are newly created and if they manage to survive for a year and turn someone into a Vampire after that they become a Primary Vampire. 

Primary Vampires are super humanly strong, are Immortal, heal by consuming the blood of Mortals, shapeshift into a bat, influence the weak minded and minor telekinesis.

Secondary Vampires are Immortal, heal by consuming the blood of Mortals and minor telekinesis.

Weaknesses: Sunlight weakens, but does not kill Vampires.  A wooden stake, decapitation are the only ways to kill Vampires.  They must spend a few hours a day sleeping in a coffin filled with dirt from a grave.  Entering a home without an invitation strips them of their powers and they can not harm those living in the home.  Holy symbols only work for people with true faith in them. 

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